Using BB Codes to format your forum posts

This tutorial explains the various BB Codes that you can use

Bulletin Board Codes or BBCodes are a way to format posts in SMF, and also in many other forum software.

The general format of a BBCode has three parts, an opening tag, the inside content and a closing tag, as shown below:

[open] text inside [/close]
[b] bold text [/b]Bold text
You can place one BBCode inside another, as long as the child tag is closed before the parent tag. For example, the correct way to make bold and italic text is:

[b][i]bold & italic text[/i][/b]

Bold & italic text
This is shown more easily when the tags are indented:

        bold & italic text

Basic BB Codes
Please use tags in this manner: [tag]Item goes here[/tag] or [tag1=blah][tag2]Item goes here[/tag2][/tag1]

Some of the common tags are listed below.

[ b ]text[ /b ]Makes text bold.
[ i ]text[ /i ]Makes text italicized.
[ u ]text[ /u ]Underlines text..
[ s ]text[ /s ]Strikes out text.
[ move ]text[ /move ]Makes the text inside move in a marquee.
[ pre ]text[ /pre ]Preformats enclosed text.
[ left ]text[ /left ]Aligns enclosed items to the left.
[ center ]text[ /center ]Aligns enclosed items to the center.
[ right ]text[ /right ]Aligns enclosed items to the right.
[ hr ]Inserts a horizontal rule into a Post or PM. Note there is no closing tag.
[ size=10pt ]text[ /size ]Adjusts the font size of the enclosed text.
[ img ]http://somesite/image.jpg[ /img ]Inserts an image into a Post or personal message.
[ url ]http://somesite/[ /url ]Formats a URL in a Post or personal message.
[ email ]someone@somesite[ /email ]Formats an email address in a Post or personal message.
[ sup ]text[ /sup ]Formats enclosed text as a superscript.
[ sub ]text[ /sub ]Formats enclosed text as a subscript.
[ tt ]text[ /tt ]Formats enclosed text in teletype format.
[ quote ]text[ /quote ]Places enclosed text in a quote box.
[ list ]
[ li ]Item 1[ /li ]
[ li ]Item 2[ /li ]
[ /list ]
Inserts items in list format.