Members’ Sales Service

Members Sales & Recycling Services

For many years, the Society has been running a second-hand sales service for Members who wish to buy and sell 009 or H0e items. Originally started as a one-man operation, it is now a major part of the Society’s activities with a team of volunteers handling thousands of items a year. The team receives items from Members or their Executors to resell through the website or directly at regular members’ events and exhibitions around the country. We have recently expanded this sales operation to include a Web Shop where you can purchase Society kits, apparel and selected locomotives, rolling stock, chassis, kits, and other miscellaneous items. The Sales Team normally meet once a week on Thursday mornings when we deal with the previous weeks’ correspondence and orders.

If you wish to sell or recycle something through the Society, please please send a list of the items you wish to sell, ideally with pictures, to .  We may then ask you to send them to our Members Sales address for valuation and we will offer you what we consider the resale value achievable through the Members Sales Service.  If the offer is acceptable you will receive payment immediately, less our selling commission, and before the items are offered for sale by the Society.  If the valuation is not acceptable, we will return your goods to you. We value items at a price which we believe will be attractive to the Society Membership, given the condition of the items and we take 15% commission on the sale therefore you receive 85% of the sale price. Having few overheads, we offer you a higher price than you could expect from the Trade.

When considering the valuation of Items offered to the Society, we consider factors which include but are not limited to;

  • Mint or unmarked condition, in the original box.
  • Used, but in good condition and running order, with no parts missing.
  • Well used, but in running order, perhaps with minor paintwork damage.
  • Poor condition, perhaps with parts missing, or not in running order, for repair or scrap.

We recycle the items received to the Society Membership through the Web Shop or via the various Society events around the country during the year where you can see much more than shown in the Web Shop.  A list of the events can be found in the 009 News Diary page and in the monthly Sales Team reports which both detail when and where you can expect to find the physical Members Sales Stand. The Web Shop is always open for Members to purchase items

All items sold by the Society through the Web Sales or the Sales Stand are running locomotives and without damage unless otherwise specified in the description and included images. Many items are restored or repaired by the volunteer team prior to sales to provide the membership with items that are backed by our guarantee than should any item fail to meet your satisfaction then we will repair or refund the full cost to you without quibble.  A self-adhesive return address label is included within all postal sales and we simply ask that you email us prior to return and that you use the supplied packaging for return.

If you don’t already have access to the members only area please contact the Membership Secretary (, who will supply you with your username and password.  These are not the same as your Society Forum credentials. 

The Members’ Sales Stand attends various Society events around the country during the year where you can see much more than we put on the sales lists. A list of events can be found in the 009 News Diary page and in the monthly Sales Team reports. 

Spares Service

We also offer a spares service to recycle parts from non-repairable items, which we have bought in. Contact to ask for items from the spares bin.  We don’t hold stocks of manufacturers’ spares, so everything is on an “if we’ve got it, you can have it” basis at a nominal price.

Assisting executors with sales of collections

It is disturbing to hear stories where stock has been sold after a Member’s death to a commercial dealer, at a fraction of its real value, only for them to sell it on at a vast profit. 

We can give advice and guidance on the removal and disposal of Members’ hobby collections and we also offer a service to executors of deceased members’ wills. 

Hopefully you feel that Society membership has been of value to you and, subsequently, to your family. Please consider whether we could sell your items on behalf of your family to give them the best value for your collection. Have you indicated your wishes to your family, either through your will or a Letter of Direction to the executors, as to how you would wish them to dispose of your collection, when the inevitable occurs? A draft Letter of Direction can be obtained from the Sales team at, or the Society Secretary, if you need help with this.