Accessing Shop

Step 1 – Log in

If you don’t know how to log-in or are unsure click the Login/Log out heading in the menu. If you see the see “Log In or Log Out” image below then you are NOT logged in, and need to enter the details requested. If you are logged in then you will  see your name as shown in the “logged in” image. You can also use this page to log out.

The Log In and Log Out page is located here.

If you are already logged in then you will see the image below. You can use this page to Log Out.

If you don’t have access to the Members Only area please contact the Membership Secretary ( who will supply you with your username and password.  (N.B. The website Username and Password for the website are not the same as your 009 Society Forum credentials.)

Step 2.  Entering the Shop

You can enter the online shop either by clicking the button the Home page (shown immediately below,) by selecting Members’ Area, and navigating the menu to reach Online Shop link as shown in the lower image or by using this link (and perhaps saving it as  favourite in your browser?)

Step 3.  Inside the Shop

The shop will display the categories of sales items at the bottom of the page, which will include, but are not limited to:

–   Society Products, where you can find Society Kits, Society Clothing etc.

–   Society Second Hand Sales, where you will find items that we are recycling for the Society Membership.

Clicking on a category will then take you into the corresponding sales areas.  Similarly, by continuing to click on any subcategories will take you to a lower level to help you find the item you are looking for. By default items are always listed in the latest listing first – make sure you look all the way through to find any reduced, or bargain items. You can choose alternative listing orders from the drop down box in the upper right.

Clicking on a specific item will give you a fuller description of the item.

Clicking on the “Add to Basket” button will add the item to your online shopping basket and, in the case of a second-hand item, will temporarily remove it from sale to others.  The page will change to show you the contents of your shopping cart.  You can remove an item from your cart by clicking the little x to the left of the item.

You can then continue shopping for more items as before.

WARNING – YOU WILL HAVE ONLY 30 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THE SALE AND PAY FOR THE GOODS OR THEY WILL BE RETURNED TO THE SHOP FOR PURCHASE BY OTHER MEMBERS!  This is to prevent items being reserved to the detriment of other members wishing to buy them.  A countdown clock will appear at the top right of the page, once you have made your first addition to your basket.

If you do not see the ability to add and item to your basket as shown below then you have NOT logged in to the website and you should return to Step 1 – Log In above.

Step 4. Payment

Click “Proceed to Checkout” to start the PayPal payment process.  Your postal address will be prepopulated, however if this is incorrect, or you want it posted elsewhere please add the address to the “Deliver to a different address” by sliding the button to the right and adding the required detail.

Click “Proceed to PayPal” to complete the purchase.  You can choose to pay using a PayPal account, or by using a credit or debit card (you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal).  Your purchase will be acknowledged by email to your registered address.

Step 5 – And finally, get updated about new listings in the Shop

The 009 Society Forum has messages posted in the Sales thread to inform the members of new items that have been added to the shop, or general information of the shop operation such as periods of closure for show attendance, stocktaking, maintenance, etc and it is
recommended that you subscribe to alerts and emails from the thread. Simply scroll down to Sales, and open ONLINE SALES which will always be the first thread in the sales area.

You should subscribe to the topic to get the updates from the Sale Team when messages are posted by clicking the “Receive” Alerts tab, then “Receive Emails and Alerts” as shown in red within the Forum Subscription image. The green box highlights where you will find the topic for subscription. If you wish to stop receiving alerts about the shop, simply choose the No Alerts or Not Following from the available options.

A link forum is shown below and we recommend that you subscribe to the thread to be automatically advised of the updates within the Shop.

009 Society Forum Sales Announcements