The 009 NEWS Journal

We publish our own journal, 009 News, at monthly intervals. This is a comprehensive newsletter, usually twenty-four A4 pages, printed on good quality paper. Most issues are in full colour. The 009 News contains news and views, hints and tips, drawings and articles on all aspects of small scale narrow gauge modelling including 009, HOe and HOn30. The 009 News is posted direct to each 009 Society member or, if desired, in digital PDF form to overseas members.

To obtain a sample copy of the 009 News, in PDF format (2.0Mb), which is a copy of the April 2022 NEWS, CLICK HERE.

We hope that you enjoy reading this issue and decide to join the Society. To become a member please go to the Membership Rates page.

However, if you would like a paper copy of a typical issue of the 009 News then please write to the Membership Secretary. Please include a ‘Large’ rate stamp (if in the UK) or else two International Reply Coupons. Please remember to include your postal address and send your request to:

Brian Ellsmore
Membership Secretary
009 Society
60 Lingwood Avenue
BH23 3JU

Indices to Articles in past issues of 009 News.

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