The Funeral Arrangements for Brian Guilmant

Brian’s funeral will take place on Thursday 6th August at 11am. The total number of mourners is restricted to 20; Geoff, together with John Thorne, will represent the Society and give a eulogy as requested by Brian.

The funeral directors have made arrangements for the service to be webcast. The website will have a copy of the order of service that can be viewed on the day for those following at home. Access details are as follows:


Username: Nigu5600

Password: 000761

Go to that webpage, click on ‘Watch Video’ under Brian’s picture, a new page will open, then enter the username and password at the very top of the page.

The 009 Society send their sincerest condolences to Brian’s family and to those many members that knew him.

Brian Guilmant RIP

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Brian Guilmant died this morning, 24th July 2020 in a hospice local to his home in Wimborne. Very many people in narrow gauge modelling will have met Brian in the course of his 40 year involvement in our hobby, being the founder and chief driver of the 009 Society second hand sales organisation; we have benefited immensely from his dedication and knowledge. He was also a stalwart member of the Wessex Narrow Gauge Modellers, hosting regular meetings and, in recent years, organising the Colehill exhibition. 

Under current circumstances the funeral will necessarily be a private affair, but our thoughts are with Muriel his wife and their daughter Lizzie. They have asked that their privacy be respected, so please do not contact them by phone.

Thank you Brian, our old friend, for all you have done for 009 modelling and 009 modellers – few have equalled your immense contribution. 

A full obituary will appear in due course.

Julian Evison (Chairman 009 Society)

Latest Society News May 2020

I hope that people are now receiving their copies of the News which went to the Royal Mail depot in Leeds on Monday. If you have, you will see the announcements about alternative arrangements for the AGM which we had planned to hold at Narrow Gauge South in April.

The purpose of the Annual General Meeting is for Members to receive reports on what is happening and to be able to hold the committee to account for their actions and plans. The other side of the issue is that our Articles of Association require us to hold the AGM in the second quarter of each year. In the current circumstances we simply cannot do both these things, so a choice had to be made and we have chosen to go for a ‘postal AGM’ in the second quarter rather than postpone the AGM to a date we cannot currently foresee. 

Members will receive the Committee reports and the Accounts with the June 009 News. There is also a voting slip which we ask you to return, either by post or by scanning and emailing to the Secretary by Saturday 20th June. Please do this (but only once!) even though there are no contested items on the agenda – we have a minimum number we have to exceed. Furthermore if you have any questions arising from the reports and/or accounts, please send them in by post or email (with your membership number). The committee will meet by telephone on 27th June to conduct the AGM’s business and then report back to you.

In this way we believe we can fulfil the legal requirements of the AGM, or, at the very least, demonstrate our ‘best endeavours’ to do so under the prevailing circumstances. However, this doesn’t fully give the membership the chance to question the committee, so we plan to hold an EGM for this purpose, as and when we are able to do so, attached to a recognised modelling event like a big open day or specialist show.

Some of you are perhaps wondering why we did not go for a virtual AGM using video conferencing. We thought about this option carefully, but felt it automatically disenfranchised too many members for whom electronic communication remains difficult or impossible. With the postal AGM every member is treated the same.

I hope the above gives a little more background to why we are doing what we are doing. In these unusual times, normal procedures become unworkable and we have to work in what we believe are the best interests of the Society. 

Julian Evison, Chairman, 7th May 2020

Committee Announcements regarding Covid-19 and the effect on the running of the 009 Society

At this time it is sometimes difficult to communicate information quickly to members regarding how the Committee of the Society are working to ensure the effect of Covid-19 on the running of the Society is minimised.

To enable members to get this news in a timely and efficient manner we would encourage all members to join the Society’s members-only forum at

If you are not already signed up for the forum please email , including your membership number, and he will enrol you as soon as he can.

We shall endeavour to keep the membership as up to date as we can in these difficult times.

Distribution of the May 009 News

We apologise for the delay in distributing the May edition of 009 News. There have been changes to the Royal Mail’s requirements for the envelopes used for bulk mailing which slowed us down a bit. Everything has now been stuffed in envelopes and should be delivered to the depot on Monday or Tuesday 4/5 May for distribution.

Results of the 009 Society Bachmann Baldwin Competition 2020

Bachmann Baldwin 10-12-D Tank No. 4 Snailbeach District Railway Black 391-030

The 009 Society held a competition for its members to suggest ways to improve aspects of the services that the 009 Society provide for its members. The prize was a Bachmann Baldwin 10-12-D Tank No. 4 Snailbeach District Railway kindly donated to the Society by Bachmann Europe.

This years’s competition winner was to have been announced at our AGM at Narrow Gauge South in April 2020 but, due to the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions this was postponed. It was therefore decided to undertake the draw from the entrants online and this video shows this happening. Congratulations go to the winner, Phil Needham, we hope he enjoys his new model

009 News Printing and Distribution

The April edition of 009 News should be arriving with members at the moment. With the impact of Covid-19 on everyday life being severe, this may affect our ability to get the 009 News printed and distributed. At the moment the good news is that the member who organises our printing has confirmed that he is confident that he can get the May News printed and also distributed, if our usual team are not able to do this.

Obviously things can change at a moment’s notice, so despite people’s efforts, perhaps we won’t be able to do this as normal. If that is the case the Committee will do its utmost to get the News to as many members as possible electronically, while intending to catch up with print copies as soon as we can.

To make this work, we do need up-to-date email addresses. Brian Ellsmore, the membership secretary, is currently checking every member’s email we have (about 75% of the membership), but if you know of somebody who might not have made the Society aware of their (latest) email address, please ask them to let Brian know at as soon as possible.

This does not affect our arrangements for Overseas members who receive electronic copies.

We will keep people informed here and on the forum. We hope none of this becomes necessary, but it feels wise to have a plan in place in case it does.

Members’ Sales Service Suspended

The Sales Team are sorry to inform members that the Members’ Sales Service will be suspending operations for the time being. This is in a large part due to the current coronavirus emergency which makes it very difficult for the team to meet to undertake their duties. 

We therefore ask that, until further notice, members do NOT send items for sale to our Colehill (Wimborne) postal address as they will not be dealt with. Anybody who sent items which arrived there after 12th March or handed in any items at Narrow Gauge North please email us to discuss how we deal with them. However, if you are really keen to sell items you can post them to: 009 Sales, 1 Corinthian Road, Chandlers Ford, Southampton, SO53 2BA, and we will endeavour to value them and send you a cheque (if you accept our valuation) in due course.

Members can still email Sales with queries etc. but no individual orders will be taken for the foreseeable future. However, it may prove possible for a Sales Listing to go out at some future date, when members who have already registered for such lists will automatically receive notification. 

As far as our presence at shows and other events goes, the current situation is that they have all been cancelled until further notice.

We shall keep members informed of developments regarding members’ sales via this website and our forum.

We are sure members will appreciate the situation and we assure everyone that normal service will be resumed just as soon as we are able to get up and running again. 

Best wishes,   The Sales Team.