009 News Printing and Distribution

The April edition of 009 News should be arriving with members at the moment. With the impact of Covid-19 on everyday life being severe, this may affect our ability to get the 009 News printed and distributed. At the moment the good news is that the member who organises our printing has confirmed that he is confident that he can get the May News printed and also distributed, if our usual team are not able to do this.

Obviously things can change at a moment’s notice, so despite people’s efforts, perhaps we won’t be able to do this as normal. If that is the case the Committee will do its utmost to get the News to as many members as possible electronically, while intending to catch up with print copies as soon as we can.

To make this work, we do need up-to-date email addresses. Brian Ellsmore, the membership secretary, is currently checking every member’s email we have (about 75% of the membership), but if you know of somebody who might not have made the Society aware of their (latest) email address, please ask them to let Brian know at as soon as possible.

This does not affect our arrangements for Overseas members who receive electronic copies.

We will keep people informed here and on the forum. We hope none of this becomes necessary, but it feels wise to have a plan in place in case it does.

Members’ Sales Service Suspended

The Sales Team are sorry to inform members that the Members’ Sales Service will be suspending operations for the time being. This is in a large part due to the current coronavirus emergency which makes it very difficult for the team to meet to undertake their duties. 

We therefore ask that, until further notice, members do NOT send items for sale to our Colehill (Wimborne) postal address as they will not be dealt with. Anybody who sent items which arrived there after 12th March or handed in any items at Narrow Gauge North please email us to discuss how we deal with them. However, if you are really keen to sell items you can post them to: 009 Sales, 1 Corinthian Road, Chandlers Ford, Southampton, SO53 2BA, and we will endeavour to value them and send you a cheque (if you accept our valuation) in due course.

Members can still email Sales with queries etc. but no individual orders will be taken for the foreseeable future. However, it may prove possible for a Sales Listing to go out at some future date, when members who have already registered for such lists will automatically receive notification. 

As far as our presence at shows and other events goes, the current situation is that they have all been cancelled until further notice.

We shall keep members informed of developments regarding members’ sales via this website and our forum.

We are sure members will appreciate the situation and we assure everyone that normal service will be resumed just as soon as we are able to get up and running again. 

Best wishes,   The Sales Team. 

009 Society AGM Postponed

As many of you will know, the 009 Society Annual General Meeting was to be held during Narrow Gauge South. As a consequence of the announced cancellation of Narrow Gauge South, the Annual General Meeting can no long take place as planned so we are putting in place alternative arrangements, developed over the last few days as a contingency. More will follow in 009 News, the Society Forum, Facebook page and website.

Covid-19 and Exhibition/Show Notices

In light of the constantly changing situation regarding the Covid-19 epidemic and the effect on shows and exhibitions we have put a new board onto the members’ forum onto which exhibition and show organisers (must be a 009 Society member with forum access) can post up to date information regarding any shows affected by this epidemic.


Narrow Gauge North at Pudsey on 14/03/2020 is still on!

We have been informed by the show organisers that, as of 19:20 Thursday 12/03/2020 that the Narrow Gauge North show at Pudsey on 14/03/2020 is STILL ON.

Please see https://www.narrowgaugenorth.org.uk/ for the latest news. We shall try an keep you updated should this change but the 009 Society cannot be responsible for this news should the situation suddenly change. Please check with the official Narrow Gauge North website shown above for the definitive news.

An explanation of why we are redacting the 009 News Library

Members will have noticed that many issues of the 009 News that were on this web site have ‘disappeared’. This is because, to comply with advice from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), as an organisation we are required to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR) regarding consent for publishing online any personal information that was published in the paper copies of 009 News.

Whilst anyone submitting their contact details to the editor in letters or articles for inclusion in the paper copies of 009 News had the expectation that these details would be published in the journal, permission for the same information to be published in electronic form was not obtained or even envisaged when the original information was submitted. Under GDPR we, as a Society, had a choice to be made. To enable us to place the library of back issues online for the members to access we either had to:

  • obtain the written permission of every person, still living, who had their personal contact information i.e. telephone number or address or email address etc. published in any back issue of 009 News going back to 1973 or
  • redact that information from every copy of 009 News that we wished to place online.
  • permanently remove all electronic copies of the 009 News from the website.

The decision was made by the Committee that, to enable us to publish this valuable resource online, redaction was our only realistic option. To that end Andrew Jeffcock, our Webmaster, has been redacting back issues and these are now coming back online. Currently we are have most issues going back to 2000 online, some 240 copies so far!

This work will continue as time permits and we ask for your patience whilst we do this work. Any help with this task from members with access to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro would be very much appreciated.

The advice from the ICO was that the distribution of back issues of the paper copies of 009 News at exhibitions and meetings is not affected by the GDPR issues above and can continue without interruption.

North West Narrow Gauge Show, Rainford 15th February – The 009 Official Sales Stand will not be attending.

Due to the recent injury of the Society’s Sales Officer and his ongoing recovery, it has been decided that the 009 Society Official Sales Stand will NOT be attending the North West Narrow Gauge Show at Rainford on Saturday 15th February 2020. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope normal service will resume in the near future.

The local group’s sales stand WILL be in attendance, ably run by Stan Williams with his usual well stocked tables of second-hand bargains.