009 News Index 2012

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Volume 39 No4 January 2012

That Blue Van – Hugh Norwood
Isle Ornsay Part 2: The Great Battle with Plywood – Tom Dauben Letter from Llanmynach The Railway Boundary (3) Post & Wire Fences – David Burleigh
Yale Rocks Tramway – Colin F.J.James
Llareggrub Station – Richard Bennet
Roving Reporter – Northampton District NGM Open Day Weedon NOvember 2011 – Mick Thornton
Warley National Railway Exhibition November 2011 – Julian Webb

Volume 39 No5 February 2012

Hudson Coach Conversions – Richard Bennett
Crummasck – THe Final Stage – Roger Christian
Rokeby Wharf – Peter Blay
Modelling LEWES CASTLE – Twice? – Tim Sanderson
Roving Reporter – Wigan Model Railway Exhibition, The 009/00n3 bits of it anyway – Mick Thornton
Wigan Show Success – Stan Williams

Volume 39 No6 March 2012

009 Society Hudson Toast Rack Coach Kit – Stephen Sullivan
Cranes at Rokeby Wharf – Peter Blay
Rescuing the Clelthwaite and Beccadale Railway – Matt Chivers
Roving Reporter – SWOONS Members Day January 2012 – Mick Thornton
New A1 Models Kerr Stuart – Roger Christian
Roving Reporter – Bed & Bucks Members Day January 2012 – Mick Thornton
Minitrains Plymouth upgrade -Roger Christian
New Paul Windle Locomotive – Paul Windle
U57.002 – Blair Hobson
A brake van for the Isle of Stoner Railway – John Wooden

Volume 39 No7 April 2012

Coleford, The story behind the scenes….. – John Wilkes
‘Clearing the backlog, or at least making a start’ – Roger Christian
Two wrongs can make a right – or Thrhree failures result in three (and a half) successes – Tim Sandersion
Colin Ashby Kits at Budget Prices – Stephen Sullivan
Roving Reporter – Narrow Gauge South West – Shepton Mallet 2012 – Mick Thornton

Volume 39 No8 May 2012

West Sapple and the Mindham Tramway – Chris Krupa
Building a Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Steel 4-wheel VAn – Peter Beeston
Building “Prince of Wales” the Backwoods Miniatures Vale of Rheidol 2-6-2 Tank Loco – Brian J.G.Love
Narrow Gauge North March 2012 – Mick Thornton
To Kernow and The West – Mick Thornton

Volume 39 No9 June 2012

Fun with Minitrix 0-6-0 locomotives – Dann Biesels
For a beginner there is no better way to get started building locos – Jim Owers
Narrow Gauge South and the AGM, Sparshalt, April 2012 – Mick Thornton
Die Zimmerbahn – Geoff Carter
Early 009 Kits – Bernard Taylor & John Bruce

Volume 39 No10 July 2012

Introducing Melton Market – Paul Titmuss
Sgt Murphy in 009 – Ben Powell
News from an unknown railway – Fred Hackman
Judgement Day for Patrik – David Burleigh
Ponavon – Michael Bunch
Variations on a theme, building the Society Cattle Van – Paul Titmuss

Volume 39 No11 August 2012

A Wednesday in May – Daryll Foxwell
Nine Wells Watercress Farm – Danny Figg (Junior Member)
Hunslet Hybrid, Part 1 – Roger Christian
Hunslet Hybrid, Part 2 – Roger Christian
The Madder Valey Railway – John Ahern
Converting Kato chassis to DCC made easy – Jim Owers

Volume 39 No12 September 2012

Roving Reporter – Oxfordshire NGRM OPen DAy, Steventon June 2012 – Mick Thornton
Going Dutch – Marcel Jansen
Rail Truck for Stanton – Mark Howe
35 feet around 9 inches – a review of the Chris Veitch FR bogie kit – Nigel Kendall
Worsley Works Kerr Stuart 30HP Diesel Loco kit review – Roger Christian
009 Tank Wagons – Peter Blay

Volume 40 No1 October 2012

P.D.Hancock, Craig and Mertonford/Craigshire – Malcolm MacLeod
Nibley Knoll – Graham Watling
The Cariboo Lunber and Stone Company Loco Fleet, An H0n30 Saga – Peter Smith
Wickham Trolley – Tim Sanderson
Narrow Gauge Midlands, Water Orton August 2012 – Mick Thornton
The Merseyside & SW Lancs Group on Tour – Roger Christian
Kit review – the Parkside Dundas Irish open wagon – Paul Titmuss

Volume 40 No2 November 2012

The Wantage Narrow Gauge Tramway – Richard Hodder
An Inspection Car for Tal-coed – Chris Ford
Two (well three really) diesels for Coleford – John Wilkes
RNAD Dean Hills Hunslets – Jim Owers
The Cariboo Lumber and Stone Company Loco Fleet, Part 2 – An H0n30 Saga – Peter Smith
Der Zimmerbahn, The Final Chapter – Geoffrey Carter

Volume 40 No3 December 2012

Chassis modifications for Peco James – John Spartley
Decalatinga a Diesel- Ffestioniog railway crests – Nigel Kendall
Using low cost Minitrix chassis – John Papworth
Egger-bashery, or how to get French coaches really quickly – Charles Insley
Up to my old Trix – Berard Taylor
Worsley Works ‘Scratch Aid’ Kit of the Festiniog Railway’s Coach 119/120 – Roger Christian
A small piece of the ‘World Famous’, with apologies to the Ffestiniog Railway! – Nigel Smith
Roving Reporter – small and Delightful Group Open Day, September 2012 – Mick Thornton
The Castle Line – Sue Hamer
Roving Reporter – M5/M50 NGN Open Day, October 2012 – Mick Thornton
Report on the 2012 Valkenburg Show – Ted Polet

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