009 News Index 2004

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OO9 News Volume 31 No5 January 2004

Arne Wharf – Chris Nevard
Project: SBL, Stichting Behoud Leemspoor – Bert van Rhijn
Video Review: Swans Crossing: The Layout and the Story by Mark & Angela Fry – Bob Rimel
SBL The Pictures – Andrew Burnham
Building the Backwoods Fowler 0-6-0 Diesel Mechanical – Peter & Jen McParlin
1939 4mm Scale Narrow Gauge – Brian Meldon
Track Cleaning Tip – John Jacobs/Paul Davies

OO9 News Volume 31 No6 February 2004

Borth – y Gest Photo Gallery – Paul Holmes
Gairloch & Wester Ross Railway – Roger Christian and Stan Williams/Andrew Burnham
Building the Backwoods Fowler 0-6-0 Diesel Mechanical Part 2 – Peter & Jen McParlin
Soldering Tip – Bob Rimel

OO9 News Volume 31 No7 March 2004

The Valkenburg Meeting – Ted Polet
The Chassis Crisis – Ted Polet
News from the Nuremburg Toy Fair 2004 – Peter Kirby
Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring! – a Lesson in Planning – Simon Wilson
The East Yorkshire Locomotive Company – Twenty Years on – Paul Windle
Tank Locomotive at Buscot Park – Charles Underhill
Narrow Gauge South – A Preview & Quiz – Mick Thornton
Roving Reporter CD Volume2 – Mick Thornton
Book Review: Rails Through Majorca by Giles Barnabe – Richard Glover
Layout Plan – Gairloch & Wester Ross Railway – Ray Fothergill

OO9 News Volume 31 No8 April 2004

A tale of a Jouef Decauville Loco – Barrie Haigh
Narrow Gauge North – Hugh Norwood
Illfracombe East – Brian Key/Phil Ghent
Narrow Gauge South – Answers – Mick Thornton
Narrow Gauge South West ‘The Small and Delightful Show’ – Mick Thornton

OO9 News Volume 31 No9 May 2004

Blackadder and the chassis famine – Paul Hefford
The Royal Gunpowder Mills Railway News – John Rumble
Narrow Gauge South and the OO9 Society AGM 2004 – Mick Thornton
York 2004 and the Aftermath – Paul Towers

OO9 News Volume 31 No10 June 2004

The Corris Railway One and a Half Ton Coal Wagon – Paul Titmuss
From Jeanette to Rosina and a Rebirth – Bert van Rhijn
Inspiration – the Caldon and Ravensthorpe
Have Psss Will Travel – Blair Hobson
Talyllyn Country – Ray Byde
Talyllyn Railway No.7 Tom Rolt – Ray Byde
From Pauper to Prince – Mike Perrin

OO9 News Volume 31 No11 July 2004

Narrow But Nice – Leatherhead Surrey – Anthony Goff
Books: Diesels & Electrics Vol 1
Books: Diesels & Electrics Vol 2
Books: The St Kitts Railway by Jim Horsford
Books: Forestry Railways in Hungary by Paul Engelbert
Narrow Gauge in the Gardens – Exbury 2004 – Anthony Goff/Mick Thornton
Etching for Beginners Part 1 – Nigel Lawton
Colour Images from the Digital Camera of Mick Thornton
Another Chassis Solution – David S Williams
Narrow But Nice – Leatherhead Surrey – David Gander

OO9 News Volume 31 No12 August 2004
The Corris Railway One and a Half Ton Coal Wagon .. Continued – David Mitchell
Etching for Beginners Part 2 – Nigel Lawton
Chilterns NG 2004 – Mick Thornton
Making a Spectacle – David Burleigh

OO9 News Volume 32 No1 September 2004

The Backwoods Barclay 0-4-0T Locomotive – Roger Christian
With a Little Poetic Licence – Dwffyr Uchaf – Roger Christian
Full Steam Ahead – Welsh Highland – Paul Towers
Rare Madder Valley Running Day – Lee Bryant
A Scale Speed Indicator – Simon Auger
Valkenburg 2004 – Dave Grassing & Andew Burnham/Ted Polet
Valkenburgse Meer – Andew Burnham/Ted Polet
Book Review: Maine 2-Foot Modeler, Book IV – Bob Rimel
Reinier Hendriksen – a Tribute from Robert Telford
Begsteal & Borrow Light Railway – Simon Auger
Stoker Junction – built by Richard Stevens – Brian Meldon
Book Review: Industrial Narrow Gauge Stock and Trackwork by Sydney A Leleux – Richard Glover

OO9 News Volume 32 No2 October 2004

Glos-Cots-Mal Branch Narrow Gauge Evening – David Churchill
Mols the Merrier – Laurie Maunder
The Square Foot Shunting Layout – Jeff Haigh
The Whiting Collection – Mick Thornton
Purely Narrow Gauge 2004 – Merseyside Group – Paul Davies
Wither OO9? – Jim Hurley
Artwork – Jim Hurley
The Woking Show – Anthony Goff
Quarry Trackwork – Corris District ‘Single Tongue’ Pointwork – Alan Jones

OO9 News Volume 32 No3 November 2004

A Bally Silly Idea – Simon Hamlin
ExpoNG 2004 – Mick Thornton
ExpoNG 2004 – Another Perspective – Anthony Goff
Gary Whiting’s 0-6-2 – Mick Thornton

OO9 News Volume 32 No4 December 2004

Rolling Stock for the Gairloch and Wester Ross Railway – Part 1 – Roger Christian
Alternative Chassis for the Chivers Finelines – RC38 Large Quarry Hunslet – Stephen Axtell/Patrick Axtell
Freelance Sugar Cane Wagons for OO9 – Paul Catchpole
Re-motoring an Ibertren – Ian R Turner
Thoughts Whilst Making Mud Pies – Paul Towers
How it all Began – Over 31 years ago …
HOe ‘Feldbahn’ type 0-4-0 Steam Loco Kit – Brian Meldon
Wither OO9? – Responses to Jim Hurley