009 News Index 2003

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OO9 News Volume 30 No5 January 2003

Is Evolution a good idea? – Peter Brown
Locomotives in the OO9 Heritage Collection – Paul Towers
Further Adventures of the Wessex NGM – Mick Thornton
Simply Not Another Buccabury Railcar – Graham Watling
Vaenol Tramway 1st Class Balcony Coach – Charles Insley
The Beginners Guide to … Drawing Circles without a Compass – Roger Lincoln
Prototype Corner – A Van for all Seasons – Graham Billington
Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway – Alexander Charlesworth
Book Review: The Festiniog Railway 1800-1974 Vol,2: Locomotives, Rolling Stock by James Boyd – Bob Rimel
Book Review: Maine 2-Foot Modeller: Book3 by G.Kohler – Bob Rimel

OO9 News Volume 30 No6 February 2003

Assembling the Bemo HOe Kit for the Saxon IIk (Alt) Fairlie – Hans-Michael Koenner
Book Review: 52 Micro Layouts you can build by Carl Arendt – Bob Rimel
The Four Weathers – Roger Lincoln
The Glos-Cots-Mal Photos – Chris Ward
Wessex NG Modellers Photos – Mick Thornton
Hints and Tips – Pickup Plate for Lilliput 0-6-0 – Robert Porteous
Cutting Plastic Card – Roger Lincoln
Prototype Corner – The East Anglian Transport Museum – Simon Auger
Value for your collections – after the inevitable (Codicil) – David Camis

OO9 News Volume 30 No7 March 2003

T.R. No.7: Charlie’s Ant – Ray Byde
Jack-Shaft Diesel Locomotive in 009 – David S Williams
Hints and Tips – Wiring up a Point Motor – Roger Lincoln
Narrow Gauge South West 15th Feb 2003 – Mick Thornton
Prototype corner – Centre-cab Fowler Locomotives in Australia – Greg Stephenson
Zweital – Peter J Binns
Members Sales – Brian Guilmant

OO9 News Volume 30 No8 April 2003

Normandy – May 1944 – the continuing story – Darryl Foxwell
Hints and Tips – Wiring up a Point Motor, part2 – Roger Lincoln
Minitrix Chassis Noise: Further Developments – David S Williams
Narrow Gauge North 2003 – Hugh Norwood
Surgical Gloves in OOn3 – Robin G Winter
Rye and Camber Modern Image – Brian Harris
The Atlantic & Ohio Narrow Gauge Railroad – James A. Foster

OO9 News Volume 30 No9 May 2003

Book Review: HOn30 Locomotive Handbook by Chris McChesney – Bob Rimel
The OO9 Society AGM and Exhibition – Mick Thornton/Paul Davies
AGM 2003 the Layouts – Mick Thornton/Andrew Burnham
The AGM – A Personal View – Graham Watling
Diesel Mining loco on a Green Max Bogie – David J Atkinson
Photo: Baldwin – Peter Wilson
Photo: Chelthwaite Mills – Andrew Burnham

OO9 News Volume 30 No10 June 2003

HOn30 MDC 2-8-0 Conversion – Peter Bartlett
Dear Derek … sincerely Paul – Paul Towers
a Ffull Ffleet of Ffestiniog Ffairlies – Peter Swift
Grand Tipper Challenge – Anthony Mead
Gallery: Wood End / Pagham Harbour – Len Weal
Roving Reporter Photo CD Now Ready! – Mick Thornton
Review: Roving Reporter CD – Dave Grassing
Helpful Tip – Rail Joiners – Dave Grassing

OO9 News Volume 30 No11 July 2003

That Dam Railway – Brian Meldon
Narrow Gauge in The Gardens – Exbury Gardens – Mick Thornton
Adaptation of a Motor from a Failed Grafar Motor Bogie – David S Williams
Picketts Dale and Haigh Moor Light Railway – Barrie Haigh
Brian’s Open Garage Day 24 May 2003 – Mick Thornton

OO9 News Volume 30 No12 August 2003

National Smalspoormodeldagen Valkenburg Holland – Mick Thornton
Valkenburg Photo Gallery – Mick Thornton/Harald Wingchen
Scorcher – A Festiniog 0-4-2 Loco – Anthony Goff
Borth-Y-Gest – Paul Holmes
Mystery Locomotive – Vale of Rheidol – David Burleigh
The Best Ten quid I ever Spent – Paint Stirrer – David Burleigh
A rare view of Ty’n Goch – Martin Sutcliffe

OO9 News Volume 30(*31) No1 September 2003

30th Anniversary Edition
Military Matters – Aircraft Carrier / Armoured Railcar – Darryl Foxwell
Discovering Narrow Gauge – Paul Towers
Chilterns NG – Mick Thornton
The OO9 Society – The Early Years – Cutting Edge or Cutting Teeth – Peter James
Pewsey 2003 – Mick Thornton
Paul Windle Locomotives an update – Paul Windle
Artist’s Impressions – Jim Hurley
Mystery Loco – an answer – Dave Etheridge
Roving Reporter CD – Feedback
Sampson Vale – Graham Watling
Review: Parkside Dundas 4 wheel good van (Based on Glyn Valley)
Review: Parkside Dundas DM4P 4 Wheel Coach
Photos: Craig and Mertonford / Aldbourne

OO9 News Volume 31 No2 October 2003

Exhibition Lighting – Steve Flay One of Blair’s Holiday Photographs – Blair Hobson
More Photographs from Valknburg – Mick Thornton
Porthmuddle – John LS Mudd
Review: Wiring the Layout – Dave Grassing

OO9 News Volume 31 No3 November 2003

Tan-Y-Coed Sound System – Steve Flay
ExpoNG Swanley October 2003 – Mick Thornton
Tree Making – Dave Neal
Book Review: “Creating Micro Layouts” by Carl Arendt – Graham Watling
Photo CD – a reply – Mick Thornton

OO9 News Volume 31 No4 December 2003

A bit of an Exhibitionist – a couple of years on – Howard Coulson
Narrow Gauge Midlands Kidderminster November 2003 – Mick Thornton
Book Review: Narrow Gauge in Sheepscot Valley vol 3 by G.Kohler & C.McChesney – Bob Rimel
Narrow Gauge Midlands the pictures
California Dreamin’ July 2001 – Will Booth
Layout in a Loft – Bryn Williams