009 News Index 2002

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OO9 News Volume 29 No5 January 2002

Dutch Report – Ted Polet
Book Review: Maine 2-Foot Modeller Book 2 by Garry Kohler – Bob Rimel
Vintage Models – Mick Thornton
Mid Sodor Railway – John Sefton
Antique German narrow-gauge brake van – David S Williams
Rebuilding No.3 GEM Baldwin – Martyn Chapman
Making waterslide decals with an inkjet printer – Dave Grassing
All change at Llanmynach – David Burleigh

OO9 News Volume 29 No6 February 2002

Book Review: – Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling by Peter Kazer – Paul Towers
Using the Minitrix 0-6-0 in OO9 Locomotives – Ted Polet
Etched Brass Nameplates – Paul Towers
Hints and Tips – Couplers – David S. Williams
Hints and Tips – Attaching Nuts – David S. Williams
Frank Saunders 1924-2001 – Garry Whiting & Willie Smith
Images of Wessex – Mick Thornton
The Zhanhe Forestry Railway – Richard Jones
Baldwin Bogies – David Burleigh
A Funky Diesel – Welsh Highland Style – Worsley Works – Ian Turner

OO9 News Volume 29 No7 March 2002

Grumblewick Coombe layout – Graham Watling
A Fleet History – Graeme R. Prideaux
Narrow Gauge South West, Shepton Mallet 2002 – Mick Thornton
Polish “Las” 0-6-0T Locomotive – David S Williams
Paul Windle Locos – Paul Windle
More change at Llanmynach – David Burleigh
Book Review: Sunset on the Sandy River by Elliot Steward – Bob Rimel
Review of the OO9 Index and Facsimie CD – John Spurling

OO9 News Volume 29 No8 April 2002

Should we really be using plaster on our layouts?
Expometrique 2001 – Richard Glover
New Station for Grange Road – Paul Titmuss
More from Frank Saunders – Alan Rolfe
Not the Buccabury Railcar – David Burleigh
Freelance Model Locomotives – Roger Christian
Narrow Gauge North, Leeds 2002 – Hugh Norwood
Book Review: West Clare Railway – an Irish Railway Pictorial by Joe Taylor – Paul Titmuss
Book Review: Two Feet to Tidewater: The Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway by R.C. Jones & Bob Rimel
Some thoughts on Couplings, Magnets & Minitrix chassis – Tim Sanderson
Improving the pickup on the Bachmann 0-6-0 tender loco – Barrie Haigh

OO9 News Volume 29 No9 May 2002

Narrow Gauge South, Sparsholt College 2002 – Mick Thornton
AGM News 2002 – Alan Rolfe
Book Review: – Narrow Gauge Railway Modelling by Peter Kazer – Bob Rimel
Flying the Flag – York Exhibition, 2002 – David Gander

OO9 News Volume 29 No10 June 2002

A & M Robinson’s Minimile railway – Don Holmes
A bit of an Exhibitionist – 25 years of Exhibiting Model Railways – Howard Coulson
Stock Images – Alan J Feldon
Maesog – Charles Insley
Hints and Tips – Multi-Purpose Fixture – David Williams
Welshpool & Llanfair Railway celebrations – Tim Sanderson
Scratch built loco – Brian Meldon
Book Review: Narrow Gauge in the Sheepscot Valley: Vol 2 – Bob Rimel

OO9 News Volume 29 No11 July 2002

Nationale Smalspoormodeldagen 2002 – Garry Whiting/Mick Thornton
Butterley evidence – Martyn Chapman
Tales from Gloucester – Chris Ward
Hints and Tips – David Burleigh
Jack Carter, 1915-2002 – Brian Meldon
World War One Aircraft – Charles Insley
Bagnall 0-4-0ST ‘Mendip’ No 1701 of 1903 – Paul Windle
Plymouth Diesel Resurrected – David Atkinson

OO9 News Volume 29 No12 August 2002

Resin Casting for Beginners – Nigel Lawson
Articulated Sentinel Locomotive – Ted Stribling
Creating Annascaul – Paul Titmuss
Chiltern Narrow Gauge, Luton 2002 – Mick Thornton
Gwen Again, Again – Mick Thornton/Charles Insley
Not another Buccabury Railcar – John Thorne
Book Review: Narrow Gauge in Britian & Ireland by Cliff Thomas – David Burleigh
Book Review: Styrene Modelling: How to build, paint and finish realistic Styrene Models by Bob Haydon – Bob Rimel
Book Review: Northern Welsh Narrow Gauge Lines, 1992-1998 by Bruce Gatham – John Bruce

OO9 News Volume 30 No1 September 2002

Recollections of EGGER-Bahn – Hans-Micheal Koenner
Pferdbruke – Blair Hobson
Ready to run motor bogie for 12mm gauge track – Alan Catlow
Frodsham Members’ Day 2002 – Hugh Norwood
Dear Derek,… – Paul Towers

OO9 News Volume 30 No2 October 2002

OFFA – A Clogher-ish Tram – Charles Insley
Patiala State Monorail in 4mm Scale – David S. Williams
Mawddach Valley – Brian Bassington
Replacement wheels for the Bachmann 0-6-0 chassis – Stephen Sullivan
Garden Rail Exhibition & W&LLR Gala Weekend 2002 – Mick Thornton
Andover Model Railway Club Exhibition 2002 – Mick Thornton
Book Review: H.T. Crittenden, The Two Footers, 2001 (Reprint of Original 1942 edition) – Bob Rimel
Book Review: Festiniog Railway, Vol.1 History & Route 1800-1953 by James I.C. Boyd – Bob Rimel
Prototype Information – Wessex Drawings – Howard Coulson

OO9 News Volume 30 No3 November 2002

Eggerbahn History – Alan Grimshaw
Rothay – a freelance OO9 loco – Kevin Wright
From Road Bus to Railbus – David J Atkinson
Darjeeling and Himalayan Railway – G O Jenson
ExpoNG Swanley, 2002 – Mick Thornton
NG/G16 Kit-bash – Ian Turner
Narrow Gauge in the Park 2002 – Mick Thornton
Book Review: Illustrated History of the Welsh Highland Railway by Peter Johnson – Cliff Thomas

OO9 News Volume 30 No4 December 2002

Winter’s End – Chris Tigwell
Some notes on the making of P.C.B. soldered track – Geoffrey Carter
How to make a railway (in a box) – Barrie Etter
Buccabury Town ex-WDLR Hunslet 2-6-2T – David Burleigh
Glos-Cots-Mal Diesel – Chris Ward
Tipper wagon haul – David Burleigh
G O Jensen’s DHR Layout- Len Weal
ExpoNG Swanley, 2002 – Mick Thornton
Books on Narrow Gauge Railways in Spain – Daniel Alvarez
Prototype Corner – OBB narrow gauge in 2002 – Rob Reinders
Interesting Spanish Oddity – John Thorne