009 News Index 2001

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OO9 News Volume 28 No5 January 2001

Dominion Governemt Railway’s 2-8-0 No 32 – Garry Whiting
North Tyne Tank Wagon – Willie Smith
Simonsfurt – Roger Pound
Fidra Lighthouse Tramway – Malcolm Macleod
Coal Haulage through Caeredwyn – Malcolm Macleod/Bill Blackwood
Locomotives of the Dominion Government Railway – Part 3 Freelance tender locomotives No 26 & 23 – Garry Whiting
Narrow Gauge Tank Wagons – Willie Smith
Hints and Tips – A Waste of Space – Wagon Turntable – Alan Jones
Porth Gwylan Mk II – David Williams

OO9 News Volume 28 No6 February 2001

The Railhead, 1917 – Darryl Foxwell
An Island Line – Dennis Ebsworth
Dispatch from the Colonies number 7 – Stephen Colcough
Old Stuff – Peter Swift
Big Engines with Skirts – Articulated Tram Locomotives – Howard Coulson
Lead Free Solders – Vin Callcut
009 Society Committee 2001
Hudswell-Clarke 0-6-0ST – Paul Windle
Paul Alexander Lightle – Neil H Glenross

OO9 News Volume 28 No7 March 2001

Long Ditton – John Thorne
The rest is up to you…(2) – Worsley Works Coaches – Stephen Sullivan
Tan-yr-Allt – Roger Christian
Photo from the Colonies – Dutton Bay Tram – John Dennis/Stephen Colcough
Pagham Harbour – Richard Glover
Swedish NG – A Decauville Coach – Ola Ahlstrom
Narrow Gauge South West, Shepton Mallet 2001 – Mick Thornton
Perfecting The Pug – Mick Thornton
The Beginner’s Guide to… Narrow Gauge modelling & soldering – Roger Lincoln
The Ditton Railway Company – John Thorne
Mixed Gauge Marmalade – Vin Callcut
Book Review: Plymouth Gasoline Locomotives by Larry Kohler – Bob Rimel
An Editor’s Lot – Hugh Norwood

OO9 News Volume 28 No8 April 2001

Worsley Works Festiniog Coaches by Stephen Sullivan – Steve Flint
Steaming on the Kasipur and Ramnagar Railway – Ben Mason
In Public View – Exhibiting – Graham Watling
The rest is up to you…(3) – Worsley Works Coaches – Stephen Sullivan
From Zillertal to Wales – Jacob Sturrman
009 Modelling – Sixties Style – Chris Tigwell
Manx electric type car – Jim Hurley
Narrow Gauge North 2001 – Hugh Norwood
Track Templates – Keith Angus

OO9 News Volume 28 No9 May 2001

Gilderdale Mine by Peter Hogarth – Steve Flint
In Public View (2) – Exhibiting – Graham Watling
GWR Tramcars -J im Hurley
Basic 009 Exhibition Layout Design – Graham Watling
Narrow Gauge in the Park – Mick Thornton
Gilerdale Mine – Peter Hogarth
The rest is up to you…(4) – Worsley Works Coaches – Stephen Sullivan
Manx Miscellany – David Burleigh/Alan Catlow

OO9 News Volume 28 No10 June 2001

Rolling Stock drawings – Jim Hurley
W.E.K. Privatbahn Gesellschaft – Werner Knopf
Book Review: Mis Pequenos Trenes by Manuel Maristany – Daniel Alvarez
Book Review: Los Trenes Del Esparto – V.A.Y. – Sud de Espana – Los Autovias Ybern – Daniel Alvarez
AGM and Memebers’ Day Report – David Burleigh
Home made couplings for 009 – Barie Haigh
Wimbourne – Mick Thornton
Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway May Gala – Derek Naylor
Why the Talyllyn? – Ian Drummond

OO9 News Volume 28 No11 July 2001

Wood End – Chris Ford
Blanche – Wek – Werner Knopf
Czech Diesel Loco & Viaduct over the Knpfbach – Werner Knopf
W.E.K. Privatbahn Gesellschaft (2) – Werner Knopf
Operating Couplings for Skip Chassis – Dave Gibbs
Alan Clarke – Martin Sutcliffe
Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose No.5 – Jim Hurley
Narrow but Nice, Leatherhead – David Gander
Fill her up – Wood End Filling Station – Chris Ford
Purniketty Jigs – Paul Towers
The Great W.w.w Revolution

OO9 News Volume 28 No12 August 2001

Derek Naylor’s Aire Valley No7 – Steve Flint
Couplings for Narrow Gauge Modeller – Tim Sanderson
Bundaberg Fowler 0-6-2 – Chivers Finelines – Jim Hurley
Fowler 0-4-0 – Chivers Finelines – Jim Hurley
Coupling Types on Prototypes
Merioneth Railway – Charles Insley
Forney Climax – David Williams
Eight go Utterly Butterly – Martyn Chapman
Book Review: Maine 2-Foot Modeller Book 1 by Garry Kohler – Bob Rimel
Book Review: Narrow Gauge in the Sheepscot Valley: Vol 1 Wiscasset to Head Tide – Bob Rimel
Book Review: Chronicles of Pendre Siding by John L.H. Bate – Graham Watling
Forney problem of achieving a Climax – David Williams

OO9 News Volume 29 No1 September 2001

Freelance Kitson 2-8-2T with the Bachmann 2-8-0 N Gauge – Roger Christian
Points Arising – Dave Grassing
Furbero – Hudswell Clarke 1913 – Jim Hurley
Wiltshire Group Open Day, Pewsey – Mick Thornton
Variations on a theme by Kitson – Roger Christian
Book Review: Quarry Hunslets of North Wales by Cliff Thomas – Paul Towers
Bagnall 4-4-0T – Paul Windle

OO9 News Volume 29 No2 October 2001

Branchlines IOM Cattle Van – Paul Titmuss
Whitemetal Casting for Beginners Part 1 – The Theory – Nigel Lawton
Book Review: Porter Steam Locomotives Light & Heavy: A reprint of 13th Edition Steam Catalogue – Bob Rimel
onstructing the Branchlines Isle of Man Cattle Van – Paul Titmuss
Isle of Man Railways part 2 – Alan Catlow
How it was in 1975 – Bowland LR & Lililen Castle – Len Coomber
Wood End – Plans for the Quarry – Chris Ford
A Station Building – Wantage Style – Graham Watling
Variation on a theme by Kitson – Roger Christian

OO9 News Volume 29 No3 November 2001

ome-cast Tipper Trucks – Nigel Lawton
Buccabury Railcar – David Burleigh
Destination Boards & Name & number plates – Barrie Haigh
The Ferstinog Railway – John Brookes
The Buccabury Railcar – David Burleigh
Whitemetal Casting for Beginners Part 2 – Practice – Nigel Lawton
Pug Progression – Mick Thornton
Further Coupling Comments – Derek Vaughan
Expo NG – Swanley – Mick Thornton
Wessex Locos – Mick Thornton
Roth Valley Tramway – The Early Years – Paul Windle
Holiday island’s narrow-gauge revival in Mallorca – John Nutting
Book Review: The last Days of the Old Corris by G.Briwnant-Jones – Paul Titmuss

OO9 News Volume 29 No4 December 2001

The Trentham Express – Amerton Farm Railway – Douglas Robinson
Lighting the Way – Andrew K Griffiths
Book Review: Narrow Gauge Railways in North Caernarvonshire, Volume 3 by J.I.C. Boyd – Paul Towers
Locomotives of the North Lincolnshire Narrow Gauge Railway – David Aizlewood
The Sugarland Express – Tom Dixon
Expo NG Report – Richard Glover
2-6-0 loco of either Denver Rio Grande or Rio Grande Southern – Jim Hurley
Etched Brass Nameplates – Derek Naylor
Ecroux Unis Layout – Paul Towers
Coach sides from “Windows” – David S Williams
Desktop Modelling – Bernard Taylor
The Beginner’s Guide to … Ballasting – Roger Lincoln
Pearl 2 – Amerton Farm Railway – Douglas Robinson