009 News Index 2000

The PDF versions of the 2000 009 News are available to Registered Members of the 009 Society Here

OO9 News Volume 27 No5 January 2000

Fleischmann Piccolo Regurgitated – David Atkinson
Kit Bashing an ‘OO’ Shunter – Willie Smith
Knightwing Models OO9 Challenge – Willie Smith
Isle of Man in 4mm Scale – Alan Catlow
Last of the Line – Rhuairidh – Phillip Hancock
Bob Hayden and Dave Frary – HOn30 Bibliograph – Garry Whiting
Wood End – Chris Ford / Nigel Hill
The Giants of the Queensland Canefields – Greg Stephnson
Book Review: Two Feet to Togus: the Kennebec Central Railroad by R Jones & Bob Rimel
Hunslet 2-6-2 – Paul Windle / Steve Flint
Meridian Models MPM24 Water Tank Wagon – Darryl Foxwell
Four go to Eurospoor! – Long Ditton – Len Russell

OO9 News Volume 27 No7 March 2000

A Freelance Colonial-Style Locomotive – Davd Williams
Taliesin 2000 – Stuart Brewer
New at Nuremburg – Peter Kirkby
The Chivers Finelines Engarth – 0-8-4 – Perter Swift & Eddie Lambert
Tan-y-Coed – Steve Flay
A Modeller’s look at Rhiwbach No.2 Incline – Paul Titmuss
Book Review: America’s First Two-Foot Gauge Railroad
Book Review: Volume 1, Two Foot Cyclopedia – Kingfield Maine
New from Chivers Plastic Finelines
Review: New HOn30 Kits – Peter Bartlett
Baby Fowler 0-4-0 from Backwoods Miniatures

OO9 News Volume 27 No8 April 2000

Shamblehurst – Colin Grant – Len Weal
Narrow Gauge South 2000 – Mick Thornton
Fallgate – Brian Love – Steve Flint
Trudoxhill Naval Base – Darryl Foxwell – Steve Flint
Dulas – Andrew Sewell / Barry Jeffrey – Len Weal
Llandavey – David Atkinson – Steve Flint
Ghylldale – John Varley – Steve Flint
Sandcliffe Junction – Dave and Midge Grassing – Steve Flint
Port St George – Tim Couling – Len Weal
Dwffyr – Stan Williams – Steve Flint

OO9 News Volume 27 No9 April 2000

Reinier Hendriksen 1948-2000 – Ted Polet
A Replacement Motor for the Ibertren ‘Cuckoo’ – Jim Hurley
Getting Snowdon Ranger around corners – Paul Titmuss
The Steeple Grange Light Railway – Jonathan James
Rothby and the Roth Valley Tramway – Thirty years of OO9 Modelling part 1 – Paul Windle
Things to Come: Waenfawr – David Gander
ComEng Locomotives for the Queensland Canefields – Greg Stephenson
Chelfham Viaduct Project – Andrew Dow
A Return to Pagham Harbour – Richard Glover
Hints and Tips – Brass kits
Things to Come: Deer Creek – Dave and Midge Grassing

OO9 News Volume 27 No10 June 2000

Redditch 2000 – Lee Bryant / Mick Thornton
AGM – Dave Etheridge
Hints and Tips – Soldering – Brian Davies
Deer Creek – HOn30 Logging Diorama – Midge and Dave Grassing
Kit Bashing – Mick Thornton
More Hints and Tips – Lettering and Numbering – Tim Sanderson
Inspirational Switzerland – Simon Wilson

OO9 News Volume 27 No11 July 2000

Hints and Tips – Vine Trees – Simon Auger
Fraser’s Folly – Ted Polet
The Society’s tribute to Peter Kirkby – Jim Hurley
The Knightwing Challenge – Winner – Peter Hogarth
Seaway Harbour – Maurice Broom
Book Review: Branch Line to Southwold by V Mitchell & K Smith – Bob Rimel
Book Review: Kent Narro Gauge by V Mitchell & K Smith – Bob Rimel
Anon – too small to have a name – Roger Lincoln
Mystery Locomotive II – Peter Swift
The Purniketty Tramway – 3mm scale 6.5mm – Paul Towers
Hints and Tips – Solder

OO9 News Volume 27 No12 August 2000

Building the Big Sentinel – 12 wheel loco from Eitomo – Howard Coulson
Wessex Narrow Gauge Modellers – 25 years of modelling and exhibiting NG – Howard Coulson
Wessex Group Layouts – Mick Thornton
Dispatch from the Colonies Number 4 – Steve Colclough
Junior Modeller – Modifies a Pug – Alan Jones
Military Matters – Darryl Foxwell
Bagnall 0-4-2T – Paul Windle / Steve Flint
Hints and Tips – Styrene – Bill Turner

OO9 News Volume 28 No1 September 2000

Review: C&D Model Engineering Stock Car – Peter Bartlett
Review: C&D Model Engineering Caboose – Peter Bartlett
The Stonehenge Light Railway – Vin and Hilary Callcut
Pityme – Ray Clasper
Review: The Jenbacher Pony – Stephen Sullivan
Hints and Tips – Fiddle Yards – Graham Watling
Buccabury Members’ Day – David Burleigh

OO9 News Volume 28 No2 October 2000

The Surrey Narrow Gauge Convention – 2no! – David Gander / Mick Thornton
The Evaleight Light Railway – Martin Collins
A Londonderry Trio – L&LSR wagons – Julien Webb
Value for your collections after the inevitable (Codicil) – David Camis
New Handbook
Reinier Hendriksen – Chris O’Donaghue

OO9 News Volume 28 No3 November 2000

Plus Ca Change, Plus C’ets La Meme Chose – Reflecting last 25 years – Garry Whiting
Valkenburg Exhibition Report – Ted Polet
Re-wheeling a Fairlie – Stephen Sullivan
The K1A Project – Brian Meldon
Ghylldale auf Tournee – John Varley
K1 – The First Garratt – Ian Turner
The Lagos Steam Tramway Locomotive – Willie Smith
Dispatch from the Colonies Number 5 – Steve Colcough
How to fake a Climax – Bill Turner
In the Steps of Garry Whiting – John Crofton
Narrow Gauge Down Under No 10 – Garry Whiting

OO9 News Volume 28 No4 December 2000

The Inspectors Report – Graham Watling
A Layout is not just for Christmas – Tony Shepherd
Dishorder Disaster – Neville Kent
I’m leaning on a footplate.. – Julian Pilling
Warley 2000 – Dave Grassing
The Reinier Hendriksen Trophy – Ted Polet
Wood End – Bashing Bagwags for Wood End – Nigel Hill
Wood End – The Corner Section – Chris Ford
Planning is Painful – Chris Ford
The Jenbach Diesel Locomotives – Ted Polet
The Rest is up to you…(1) – Worsley Works coaches – Stephen Sullivan
Dispatch from the Colonies Number 6 – Steve Colcough